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Questions? We have Answers

  1. How old do I have to be to join BUSR?
  2. To open a BUSR account, you must be at least 18 years old.

  3. Can you take customers from my country?
  4. Laws for online horses betting and online gambling vary from country to country and state to state. It is up to the individual member to determine whether they are eligible to play at BUSR .

  5. How can I open an account?
  6. Sign up for BUSR by clicking Sign-Up.

  7. Does BUSR need anything from me to open my account and begin playing?
  8. You will need to provide your basic personal and mailing address to open an account. For your convenience to be able to play right away, you can make your deposit immediately.

    However, if you deposit via credit card, when you decide to make a withdraw you will need to provide a photo ID. It is best to have them submitted before your payout request so you can receive your winnings without delay. You also should confirm with your credit card company that your card is approved for foreign transactions. You can upload your credit card information securely and easily to your racing account online.

  9. Why do you need my ID? Is this safe?
  10. Your financial security is absolutely critical. However, like other racebooks, we are required to get a copy of your ID so that we can confirm that:

    • 18 years of age or older
    • You are the actual owner of the credit card.
    • What other methods of deposit do you offer?
    • Several alternate deposit methods available including MoneyGram, Bank Wire, ACH, Peer-to-Peer and even Bitcoin! Please call 1-844-BET-HORSES (1-844-238-4677) to speak to one of our representatives to see which one is best for you. Or, click on the cashier after you have logged in to your racing account.

  11. I have a Promo Code. Where do enter it to get my bonus?
  12. The area to put the Promo Code is in the deposit section of your Racing Account. If you have any questions, please contact us.

  13. Is there a fee for withdraws?
  14. Yes, there is a nominal charge that will vary depending on payout of choice. This fee ensures the integrity and speed of our payouts so you can get your winnings as fast as possible. A fee schedule is available in the cashier section of your Racing Account.

  15. Are my winnings taxed?
  16. Tax law varies by state to state and country to country.It is up to you to declare any winnings or losses to your tax authority.

  17. Does BUSR offer rebates or bonuses?
  18. Yes, there is up to an 8% daily rebate on horse racing depending on the specific type of wager and the racetrack. First deposits at BUSR are eligible for various cash bonuses and promotions. Please check out our weekly cash specials and horse racing bonuses offered to BUSR members.

    Questions and Answers about betting on horses

  19. How do I place a bet?
  20. BUSR account holders can wager online at using a computer, mobile device or tablet. Tutorials on how to place your wager are available in the Club House.

  21. What are the minimum and maximum limitations on wagering amounts?
  22. BUSR 's wagering system accepts wager amounts typically ranging from $1.00 to $1,000.00 per wager, subject to host track restrictions. In the case of multiple wagers, such as a Daily Double or Exacta box, the base wager is multiplied by the number of combinations to determine the amount of the total wager. If a customer wishes to place more than $1,000 on a specific wager, then multiple bets can be made for the same horse at the same racetrack. Please see the horse betting rules section in the clubhouse for details.

  23. When can I bet on the races?
  24. You can place wagers 24 x 7 for all of the day's races. Besides popular tracks like Churchill Downs, Saratoga and Santa Anita, BUSR offers the most international racetracks of any racebook. Bet on international races in Hong Kong, Australia, UK, France, Ireland and Japan! Wagers can be placed up to post time of each race. For special events like the Kentucky Derby, BUSR will provide advance wagering as well as wagering on the day of the racing event.

  25. What wagering choices do I have?
  26. The full menu of wagering options are typically what you would have available at the racetrack. BUSR currently offers more choices and types of wagers on horses than any other online ADW or racebook.

  27. When do I get confirmation that my bet has been accepted?
  28. Normally, within 5 seconds after the bet has been accepted. Your betting ticket and confirmation number serves as evidence of your wager being successfully accepted. Your receipt of the confirmation may be slowed due to site volume, internet traffic, or connection speed for your computer or mobile device.

  29. How are the bets processed?
  30. All wagers are processed at our racebook provider's hub system for each particular race. Races are graded as soon as the official results from the track have been announced. On heavy volume days like the Kentucky Derby, please be patient for your account to be updated.

  31. How can I access my account information?
  32. Access your account history using BUSR 's "My Account" area by by selecting the "My Account" link or Club House link. Your Account Balance is always in the top right hand column of your screen.

  33. Are winners paid full-track odds?
  34. Full track odds are paid on most popular wagers although there are maximum payouts for certain types of wagers. BUSR provides non-parimutuel wagering on horses. Please see the Rules section in the Club house for more details.

  35. How do I collect my winnings?
  36. Your winnings are automatically credited to your account as soon as the race is declared "official" and results are posted. This may take a few minutes on higher volume races such as the Kentucky Derby. Payouts are requested through the online cashier or calling 1-844-BET-HORSES (1-844-238-4677).

  37. How do I make a withdrawal from my account?
  38. To make a withdrawal from your account, login and follow these steps:

    1. Select the Cashier or Deposit link
    2. Click the “Payout” or Withdraw link
    3. Complete the withdrawal request. Be sure to include the dollar amount of your withdrawal

    Your withdrawal request will be processed and your money will be on your way to you in just 2-3 business days.


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